10 September - 9 October, 2011
Lars Bohman Gallery
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Peter Fries artistry serves as a link between the classical and the modern, it connects the past and the present. One can discern the past and get a glimpse of the present. The works are truly timeless and the thoughtful and direct work side by side. Peter Fries oeuvre holds a certain persistency that makes him truly unique.

The inner mental landscape works alongside the figurative in Peter Fries art. It is as if the works reminds us of images from dreams we once dreamt. The evocative atmosphere of the works inevitably affects the viewer. The paintings exude a somewhat surreal meditative ambiance in which time and spatiality ceases to exist. The viewer enters a state somewhere between dream and awareness and we are transferred to a place that is both pleasant and eerie at the same time. Whether Peter Frie works in small or large format he totally masters the mood. The feel of the paintings encompasses the viewer and although the paintings never depict people you seldom feel lonely in front of them. The works breathe melancholy rather than desolation.

In conjunction with the exhibition Joseph Kleinheinrich publishing presents the book project To Tomas Tranströmer's 80 anniversary / Für Tomas Tranströmer zum 80. Geburtstag. The project contains both Youth Poems / Ungdomsdikter by Tomas Tranströmer along with a text by Jonas Ellerström and Tomas Tranströmer's insect collection from the island Runmarö / Tomas Tranströmers Insektensamlung von der Insel Runmarö by Fredrik Sjöberg. Both editions contain images of Peter Frie.

Peter Frie was born 1947 in Lysekil, Sweden. He lives and works in Båstad, Sweden. He has exhibited in a wide range of museums and galleries worldwide and is represented at among others, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Malmö Museum; Friesichen Museum, Leeuwarden, Holland, Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland, the Haggerty Museum of Art, Milwaukee, USA and Caldic Museum, Rotterdam, Holland.

Peter Frie received The Ars Fennica Award in1998 and The Prince Eugene Scholarship 2008.