22 January - 23 February, 2011
Lars Bohman Gallery
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Postcards and Dreamers is Micaela Dahlberg’s (b.1977) second solo exhibition with Angelika Knäpper Gallery.

In this exhibition Dahlberg moves within spaces, distances and around the closeness of dreams. In the paintings are landscapes, which communicate with symbols unfolding a multitude of stories. At all times something seems to be happening in these, at least what appear as peaceful surroundings. Hovering over a village is a cage, which symbolises the narrow-minded attitude of a small community or does it rather imply a pleasant exclusiveness of such a dwelling?

The symbols placed carefully in the landscapes are as discreet as distinct. This directness in expression descends from the working process where Dahlberg allows for her paintings to grow, rather than develop from already pre-fabricated ideas on the end result. It requires time and courage

Rather than expressing an interest in nightly dreams Dahlberg zoom in on the awake, the questions on origin and bearings in the world. How far can dreams lead us - the utopian ones and the more long-term concrete ones?