4 November - 5 December, 2010
Lars Bohman Gallery
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Spending her formative years in Sweden, and longer stays New York and Indonesia Lotta Hannerz now lives in Paris.

French poet and writer Sylvain Goudemare writes:

…Lotta Hannerz produces visual traps. (In the beginning was the verb, as said in French, but in is not a verb) and Creation is obviously not necessarily predicted as to the given matters. The artist amuses herself with dimensions, measures, and elements. She utilizes oil painting, polyester plastic, acrylic, glass, wood, papier-mâché, making use of all these materials with the same supreme intelligence. Her mobile water sculptures are remarkable: a floating nose, outstretched hands, an index finger, a spirit level. She uses unexpected reflections in order to play with the ambiguities within the too loaded laws of physics. Some of these extraordinary works have been installed in Paris in the Medici Fountain in the Luxembourg Garden and in the Tuileries. Here the visual traps function perfectly. Smile, be amused, worried, bewildered. Lotta Hannerz is serious, as pleasure...

However, coherence and deceit are still characteristics of her work. Lotta continua!