21 February - 22 March, 2015
Lars Bohman Gallery
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Linnéa Jörpeland’s works are distinguished by a linguistic and visual playfullness, a stance that calls for reflection on part of the beholder. With careful measure and subtle tweeks she challenges the perfunctory gaze. Many of the sculptures constitute an alloy between the mundane and the mind-boggling. New light is shed on human behavior and emotions when featured in animal shapes; shadow as form and the body rendered with a distinct flatness. Or, the dog, mid-jump, that could be perceived as weightless.

Additional layers augment these renderings through their titles. They add to the experience without beeing crucial to the works. None the less, there is a linguistic quality to the titles that underline the somewhat absurd subjectmatter of the sculptures. Inherent contrasts and points of references in surreal everyday life are made apparent through a most convincing realism.

Linnéa Jörpeland is an artist born 1971 who lives and works in Stockholm. She received her artistic education at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden.

Selected solo shows: Kulturmagasinet, Sundsvall; Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Stockholm; Växjö konsthall and Örnsköldviks Museum. Selected group shows: Luleå konsthall; Art Cologne, Köln, Haninge Konsthall and Konstnärshuset, Stockholm.

Linnéa Jörpeland is represented in a number of public collections, among them: Public Art Agency Sweden and Stockholms läns landsting. She has received awards and grants from Konstnärsnämnden; The Royal Academy of Fine Arts; The Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation and is the recipient of Bror Marklund Scholarship. She has also made frequent public commissions at Örebro rådhus; Skellefteå Krafts headquarters; Inre hamnen, Sundsvall and at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, to name but a few.