9 February - 21 February, 2010
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Linn Fernström's presents a new series of pastel drawings in the gallery space at Sturegatan 36. For the first time, Fernström shows a complete body of work on paper. Dividing her time between New York and Stockholm, these paper works have found their shape and form both in the Brooklyn studio and in the Stockholm dito. As in her paintings, the pastels draw upon a wide range of subjects, from the subtleties to the existential questions of life. Opening also the 9th of February, in the restaurant Sturehof, the artist's most recent dry point engravings are on display.

Linn Fernström holds with her powerful artistry a unique position among contemporary Swedish artists. Ever since she finished her studies at The Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm, her paintings and drawings have been inhabited of a dream-like mixture of animals and humans. In Fernström's works the small encounters the large, beauty meets cruelty and what is expected is confronted with what comes as a surprise. But instead of colliding, the extremes interplay together creating psychologically charged images.

Linn Fernström has since her first exhibition at the gallery in 2001 gained an enormous success. In the artist's world reigns a magic realism where time and space are hard to define and where we are invited to a journey of both reflection and surprises.

Born in 1974 in Örebro, Linn Fernström lives and works in Stockholm. She received her artistic education at the Royal University College of Fine Arts (1995-2000) and before that at Idun Lovén in Stockholm (1993-1995).

Linn Fernström has had numerous solo exhibitions, including: Passagen, Linköpings Konsthall, Örebro Konsthall, and Arnstedt & Kullgren, Sweden, and at Maniero Associazione Culturali in Rome, Italy. Recent group exhibitions include: Samtidigt, Borås Konstmuseum, Ei saa peittää - Får ej övertäckas, at Eskilstuna Konstmuseum, Absolute Generation, Venice, Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm, and Yunan Art Institute in Kunming, China.

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