25 September - 31 October, 2010
Lars Bohman Gallery
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Bera Nordal, Director at The Nordic Watercolour Museum writes:

Watercolour technique is a powerful tool in the searching hands of artist Lars Lerin. He is a master of its potential and submits to its capricious temperament. The subjects for his works he finds in the places where he makes his home. He grew up in the Swedish province of Värmland, close to the thick forests and where the long summer nights and the darkness of winter are a part of existence. On the Norwegian Lofoten Islands he discovered the sea and horizon. He has a feeling for the grandeur of natural scenery and sympathy for the tough conditions under which people work there. In his paintings he returns time and again to how people live and work in home and factory. Memories, words, sentences and fragments of images recur frequently in his paintings; together they form a puzzle of memories, which capture impressions of life and warmth such as perhaps no longer exist. It is a nostalgic, existential longing common to us all.