28 August - 26 September, 2004
Lars Bohman Gallery
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Galleri Lars Bohman is pleased to announce Jarl Ingvarsson’s sixth exhibition at the gallery.

With his distinctive mode of expression Jarl Ingvarsson holds a special position in Swedish contemporary art. He is often described as a poetic and powerful artist whose colourful, expressionistic paintings, frequently in large-scale format, have their roots in 1980s new expressionism. His work contains references to the Italian trans-avant-garde and German Wild Painting. Influences from an older tradition of Swedish painting, represented by 1920s colourists Bror Hjorth and Sven X:et Erixson, may be discerned as well as from more contemporary artists such as Hans Viksten and Hans Wigert.

Ingvarsson’s narrative and imaginative images touch upon existential subjects such as life, death, and religion, but he also relates what he sees around him in a direct and personal way. Working without sketches or preparatory studies, he launches straight into the painting. He is constantly searching for new ways of tackling the canvas and since the late 1990s he has often let the canvas’s white surface dominate. In several series of line drawings quotidian objects such as milk cartons, a chair or a coffee filter play a central role and have taken on almost monumental proportions as part of huge paintings that extend over several walls in the room.

In this current exhibition we find several self-portraits and landscapes. At times they merge into each other, and in a pair of eyes a landscape crystallises. Thus, both the outer and the inner landscape are depicted. These intense paintings are both evasive and very precise, allowing the viewer to move between joy, pain, chaos and clarity. In his portraits Ingvarsson succeeds in freezing a moment or a facial expression in the middle of an explosive movement, and when this happens the painterly wildness is checked and turned into a tranquil, existential dimension that anchors the works’ association flow.

Born 1955 in Asmara, Eritrea, Jarl Ingvarsson lives and works in Sparsör, Sweden. He attended The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm (1978-1982) and is member of the Royal Academy. He has exhibited widely and is represented in Sweden at, among others, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Malmö Konstmuseum, Fredrik Roos Collection, Malmö, Norrköpings Konstmuseum, Sundsvalls Konstmuseum, Borås Konstmseum, Samling Saltarvet, Fiskebäckskil and Sammlung Ludwig, Aachen, Germany.