19 February - 15 March, 2009
Lars Bohman Gallery
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Hans Andersson lives and works in Stockholm. This is his first major show at Angelika Knäpper Gallery.

Hans Andersson is primarily working with sketching and collage technique. Using, among other materials, found pieces of photographs and papers, he creates series of images. In this show a series of collages have been put together using the imagery found in rejected Art history books. The major part of the exhibition constitutes a series of large scale collages, which have been arranges with paper taken from bags, of the kind one would carry shopping back from the stores. Pieces of paper has been cut to seize, folded and arranged, creating an area of something new. However every image allow for the past to make part in the present. Andersson makes use of the overlooked, that which have been thrown away, the remaining and left abandon. Merging the various parts results in a creation of a different reality.

Throughout the exhibition influences from imagery based in mysticism, folklore and Art history are mutated into introspective new images. Andersson is working with various lavers of mental awareness. Describing the process of making he says that it’s like the images are floating in, out, and over each other until they find their form. The work method reminds of an organic flow, but these images also develop from somewhere within the sub conscious. Andersson is a big reader and seeks inspiration in writers such as Simone Weil, Jean Genet, Swedenborg and George Bataille. He also has an interest in religious studies.