26 November - 13 December, 2009
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The year is 1966, Carsten Regild and Rolf Börjlind just created a book in an extremely large format. They try several times, without success, to get the publishing company of Bonnier to publish it. Instead they decide to make an exhibition. Thus on November 12, 1966 at Galleri Maxim, opens the exhibition The Mister Ray Balon Sinclaire where the original pages of the book are displayed along with forms and elements inspired by the contents of the book.

In 2009, the book is still not published. However, Lars Bohman Gallery is pleased to recreate this groundbreaking exhibition filled with the new expression that Regild and Börjlind were seeking – and did find – that completely lacked counterpart in the Swedish contemporary art.

The Mister Ray Balon Sinclaire was the first exhibition made together by Regild and Börjlind. Thereupon followed 30 years of collaboration in different forms. For the show at Lars Bohman Gallery, the last and conclusive issue of the cultural magazine Vargen, an underground review published by Regild and Börjlind in 1974-75, will be presented.
Carsten Regild (1941-1992) started his artistic carrier at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, but continued quickly into something that was completely unique in Swedish contemporary art. His drawings and paintings mixed written messages filled with irony and warmth, with images taken from newspaper clippings, the world of advertising or his own imagination. He nevertheless always succeeded in balancing this merge of imagery and texts. At a first glance it is easy to define Carsten Regild as a pure pop artist. He appeared in the 1960s and did in Sweden what Andy Warhol was doing in New York at the same time; screen-prints, collages, short films, music, performance etc. But just as with his constant mental friend and companion Francis Picabia, he is impossible to define or place in a genre. His creativity knew no limits and his oeuvres breathe just as much pop art as they do Dadaism and Surrealism.

Carsten Regild had numerous solo shows, among the more famous can be mentioned Nekropolis at Moderna Museet in 1972, and the shows he did with Galleri Engström in Stockholm during the 1980s and 1990s. He participated also in many group shows, both in Sweden and abroad. Carsten Regild is represented, among others, at Moderna Museet, Nationalmuseum, Malmö Konstmuseum, Göteborgs Konstmuseum, Norrköpings Konstmuseum, Örebro Läns museum and Museum Bochum, Germany.

Rolf Börjlind (born 1943) is, among others, a writer, satirist, playwright, film director and librettist. He has a career and history filled with creativity where severity and playfulness, surrealism and realism, social criticism and poetry alternate with both seriousness and warmth.

His solo show, Persona Non Grata, at Moderna Museet in 1977 made an imprint in the contemporary art scene and his collaboration with Carsten Regild continued for over 30 years. Börjlind has written 26 film scripts and is known by the big audience for movies like Beck and Jönssonligan. In 1994 Börjlind won a Guldbagge award, together with Peter Dalle, for best script for the film Yrrol. Rolf Börjlind is chairman of Svenska Dramatikerförbundet.

Rolf Börjlind and Carsten Regild started during the early 1970's the publishing house Vargen, which published artbooks and the cultural magazine Vargen. The final and conclusive issue of Vargen , now being pulished in a limited edition in connection with the exhibition, is made by Rolf Börjlind as a tribute to his and Regilds' common project and creations.