15 January - 15 February, 2009
Lars Bohman Gallery
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Carl Boutard is a classically trained sculptor well aware of the concepts of contemporary art. His work often combines process-based installations with the display of conventional art objects.
For the exhibition at Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Boutard has created a series of sculptures that appear to be abstract but are in fact strongly related to nature and science. The sculptures are made of materials gathered in his day-to-day environment, coming from a deserted allotment in Limhamn to the botanical garden in Lund as well as the fruit- and vegetable market at Möllevångstorget in Malmö, his hometown. Each sculpture is a three dimensional collage, consisting of plain wood or parts of plants that have initially gone through the process of being cast in bronze.
Carl Boutard graduated from the Malmö Art Academy in 2007. Prior to this he received his bachelors degree from the Art Academy in Reykjavik, Iceland, during which he spent two semesters as a visiting pupil of professor Georg Baselitz at Universität der Bildende Kunste in Berlin.
Carl Boutard has recently participated in shows at Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm, Skissernas Museum in Lund and Kunstverein Hannover in Germany as well as various shows in Vienna, New York, Berlin, Reykjavik, Teheran and Helsinki.
The exhibition at Angelika Knäpper Gallery was the first major professional solo show by Carl Boutard and we are very pleased to host this talented young artist and his works.