Born 1964 in Stockholm
Lived and worked in Stockholm, passed away in 2006
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Ola Pehrson worked with video and new technology, using the computer both as a functional and a symbolic element. One of his most well known installations is 'Yucca Invest Trading Plant', 1999. Electrodes attached to the plant utilised the minute electrical currents the plant generates to instruct a computer to buy or sell shares on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. One of his more recent works, 'Nasdaq Vocal Index', 2004, also deals with the stock exchange. The fluctuations in the share prices of the top ten companies quoted on the Nasdaq exchange generated notes which were sung in real time by a choir.

The sculptural video installation 'Hunt for the Unabomber / a documentary remake' is based on a television documentary, a story that has been told and retold by both the media and literature. Objects and locations from the documentary narrative form not only the basis of the installation but also the framework of a new film in which a discreet love story appears to take shape. Once again, Ola Pehrson challenges the viewer with his everyday objects and provides us with an opportunity for reflection.

Ola Pehrson received his artistic education at the University College of Fine Arts (1992-97) in Stockholm and at Hochschule der Kunste in Berlin (1994).

Ola Pehrson exhibited at both museums and galleries in both Sweden and abroad, including: Yamaguchi Art Museum, Japan; Galeria Noua in Bucharest and Art Statements at Basel Art Fair. Recent group exhibitions: Momentum - Festival of Nordic Art, Moss, Norway; Channel_O in Japan (touring exhibition); Delayed on Time, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia; Scream, Färgfabriken, Stockholm; Se Bashku, Tirana Biennial, Albania and Organising Freedom, Moderna Museet.