Born 1958 in Tianjin, China
Lives and works in Tianjin, China
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Li Jin specializes in ink-wash and gong-bi figure painting. His signature expressionist facial features demonstrate his unparalleled brushwork skills. More recent works focus on food and animal themes.


Graduated from the Painting Department at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts.

Currently Associate Professor at the Art Education Department at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts.


Consumption Junction, Haines Gallery San Francisco, USA

Li Jin's Recent Works Exhibition, Galerie 99-Aschaffenburg, Germany
Li Jin - Solo Exhibition, Art Scene China, Shanghai, China

Eat Drink Man Woman, Haines Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Li Jin - Freuden des Lebens, Galerie 99, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Eat Drink Man Woman, Tang Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
The Difference Between You and Me, Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne, Australia

Li Jin: New Works, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China
New Freehand Ink-Wash Painting Exhibition, National Museum of Art, Beijing, China
Carnal Appetite - Primal Instinct: Li Jin and Feng Feng, Art Scene China, Shanghai, China

Li Jin: A Feast, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, USA
International Paper, UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, USA
China Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy
Chinese Art Today, Millennium Monument Museum, Beijing, China
The Open Era, National Museum of Art, Beijing, China
Freehand Ink Painting Invitational, Yan Huang Art Center, Beijing, China

Eat Drink Man Woman: Li Jin Ink-Wash Paintings, Yan Gallery, Hong Kong
Food, Sex and Human Nature: Li Jin's Works, Li Dong Zai Gallery, Seoul, Korea
China Art, Museum Kuppersmuhle, Duisburg, Germany
Chinese-Korean Contemporary Art, Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

Li Jin New Works Exhibition, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China
Exhibition of Li Jin's Paintings, Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney, Australia
First Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum, Sichuan, China
All About Dreams - Exhibition of Chinese Art of the 21st Century, ICA, London, England
20 Years of Chinese Ink Experiments, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China

Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition, Shanghai and Nanjing, China
Li Jing Ink Painting Exhibition, at an English Gallery, Hongkong
Galleri Lars Bohman, Stockholm, Sweden

Survival and Expression Art Exhibition
Art Exhibition of Dialogue 1999, Teda Contemporary Art Museum, Tianjin, China

Invitational Academic Art Exhibition, China Art Gallery
The Star of the Century – Biennual Exhibition of Chinese Arts, Ontorio Art Gallery, Canada
Miaoyue Chenyuan Painting Exhibition of Li Jin and Lei Ziren

China Grand Exhibition of China

Li Jin Works Exhibition, Atriumed Arte Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Joint Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Experimental Ink and Wash works by three artists, TTT Art Center, Berlin Art Museum and Leipzig University Museum

China Modern Paintings Exhibition, USA
Solo Exhibion at the Beijing HanMo Gallery

Li Jin Painting Exhibition, Beijing Modern Gallery

The Modern Ink and Wash Exhibition, Exhibition Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Li Jin Painting Exhibition, Painting Corridor of Villanova University, Philadelphia, U.S.A
The Ten Artistic Works Exhibition, Painting Center of the Beijing Music Hall

The Modern Art Symposium, Mountain Huang

The Chinese Youth Painting Exhibition: Making Forwars, China Gallery
The New Works Exhibition of Traditional Chinese Painting, Hubei Province"